Connected Health — what’s getting us excited at Wittington Ventures

WV’s Connected Health Map: We have two main pillars, Software & Informatics and IP & Science
A virtuous cycle between Data & Informatics and IP & Sciences companies exists
  • Digital Pharmacy (e.g. Capsule, Nurx)
  • Telehealth (e.g. Teledoc, Nurx)
  • Next Generation Retail Concepts (e.g. Tend, Lively)
  • Senior & Home Care Innovations (e.g. Honor, Caribou)
  • Chronic Care Management (e.g. Livongo, Virta Health)
  • Direct-to-Consumer Health (e.g. Sesame)
  • Patient Scheduling (e.g. Zocdoc, Weave)
  • Care Coordination (e.g. Patientping)
  • Fraud & Abuse Management (e.g. Anomaly)
  • Electronic Health Records (e.g. Epic, Cerner)
  • Health Data Connectivity (e.g. 1Up Health, HealthGorilla)
  • Insurance Eligibility & Administration (e.g. Noyo, Onederful)
  • Purchasing & Supplies (e.g. Premier)
  • Financing & Price Transparency (e.g. CareCredit, GoodRx)
  • Provider Selection & Reviews (e.g. Healthgrades, Opencare)
  • Clinical Trial Management (e.g. Trialspark, Science37)
  • Clinical Decision Support (e.g., Eyenuk)
  • Lab Diagnostics (e.g. Karius, ThermoFisher)
  • Point of Care Diagnostics — including home and smaller clinics (e.g. EverlyWell, Truvian)
  • Genomics (e.g. 23andMe, OwnOme)
  • Disease Detection (e.g. Grail, Everest)
  • Digital Therapeutics (e.g. Pear, Limbix)
  • Behavior Management Tools (e.g. Fitbit, Noom)
  • Drug Discovery (e.g. Moderna, Pfizer)
  • Medical Technologies /Devices (e.g. Biomet, Abbott)
  • Synthetic Biology (e.g. Arzeda, Ginkgo Bioworks)
  • Personalized Medicine (e.g. Notable, InsightRx)




Venture capital firm in search of disruptive innovations in food, commerce, and healthcare

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Wittington Ventures

Wittington Ventures

Venture capital firm in search of disruptive innovations in food, commerce, and healthcare

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