Investing in the Future of the Supply Chain: Elements of Startup Success

Sub-Sectors of the Supply Chain

Core Elements of Startup Success, Applied to Supply Chain Startups

What gets us excited at WV

  1. Ability to easily plug into existing workflows, while providing a sticky value proposition. This means the product/service is convenient to adopt, but cannot be easily replaced by the “next new thing”. An example might be having exclusive access to unique, external data that makes a client’s processes run better — such as AI for process optimization. It can also come in the form of cross-selling additional products/services which strengthen the ties between a client and your “platform”.
  2. Ability to easily operate pilot deployments, to allow for quick testing and iteration within prospective enterprise clients. Supply chain teams are busy, and their processes and existing infrastructures are often unique. Having a clear understanding of your ROI, and a simple way for supply chain teams to test your product/service is critical to getting your foot in the door with key decision makers. Examples include easily deployable trials or hassle-free site visits to existing clients.
  3. Ability to efficiently target large, enterprise clients is critical in an industry with traditionally long sales cycles. Our observation is that the speed of the sales cycle will largely be driven by the acuteness of the pain enterprises are feeling across their supply chains; it’s up to startups to identify and speak to this pain directly and offer an immediate solution.
  4. A clear understanding and path through any regulatory environment is necessary to prove that a solution can work beyond the pilot phases, and broadly to work at scale. When it comes to food safety, digital privacy, and physical safety around equipment, it’s critical that we know a startup is taking the necessary precautions, and speaking with the right regulatory bodies early, to ensure that future growth will not be hindered by unexpected legal roadblocks.

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